Antelope Canyon – New Quilt Pattern

I’m so excited to share my newest design with you – Antelope Canyon. High up on my Bucket List is a visit to explore the twin slot canyons of Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona. Most of us have seen amazing photos of the swirling oranges of the narrow canyons – just do google images for Antelope Canyon and you’ll see the familiar waves and undulations – and we may not have know where they were taken. Earlier this year, my nephew Dan, a talented young photographer, was lucky enough to visit the canyons, and boy was I jealous! Instead of planning a trip to see for myself, I designed a quilt that brought to mind the feelings I’d imagine experiencing with a first-hand visit.


The semicircular design comes from the overlapping of the wide and narrow strips. Many variations are possible with this design based on the values of the fabrics used. There are 4 large log cabin-style blocks in this quilt, and if you rotate each 90°, you’ll get a large circle in the center for another great look.

This quilt is 74″ square and uses 2½” strips as well as 1½” strips. So you can use prepackaged Bali Pops from Hoffman Fabrics or any other 2½” pre-cuts.

I admit that I don’t have the pattern instructions ready yet, but Antelope canyon will have it’s premiere at Northwest Quilting Expo  in Portland, Oregon, September 22-24. I’ll be one of the featured instructors there as well as having a special quilt exhibit and I’m giving a fun trunk show/lecture on Color and Inspiration. So the instructions will definitely be completed by then!!! I’ll take pre-orders by email: Gorgeous photo by Deb Hollister.



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I am a quilt designer, author, quilting teacher and lecturer.
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11 Responses to Antelope Canyon – New Quilt Pattern

  1. Terrific design — very interesting and appealing. Good luck with it!

  2. Shelley says:

    I love the design. Many possibilities.

  3. Beautiful Design! I love the canyons by Page and Lake Powell!! You have captured the colors and swirls:).

  4. Love the design and look forward to buying the pattern. The quilt is so modern and graphically stimulating… I can’t wait to do it!! Will you ever teach in or around Chicago , Indiana or Ohio? A class with u as my teacher is on my ‘bucket’ list.
    Jan Rodgers

    • Wow Jan – I don’t think I’ve ever been on someone’s bucket list – what an honor!!! I’d love to come teach in your area. You can help by recommending me to your local guild or shop. Let’s see if we can work something out! I’ve been working on the directions for Antelope Canyon and plan to have it ready by late September. So far the design’s gotten many great compliments – yours included – thanks so much.

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  6. irene says:

    I am so excited to have purchased the fabric for this quilt! Here is the major question I have. Are scant quarter inch seams truly needed? Regular quarter inch seams will not work? I have had expedrienced quilters look at this pattern and I have received 2 answers– scant must be used and regular quarter will work. So very confused

    • Hi Irene,
      It’s true – there is conflicting information about seam allowances. I’m sure either way works for different people. I am religious about using a scant seam allowance and I never have to stretch and pull to get my pieces to fit. I think a good test for you would be that when you get to adding the D/D logs and the E/E logs, if they are the same size as what you are adding them to, then your seam allowance is fine. If they are shorter than the previous logs, then your seam allowance is too big. And if the shape of your units as you add logs is always nice and square then continue on the way you are doing it.

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