NW Quilting Expo Special Exhibit Honors Native American Art

One of my favorite special exhibits at Portland’s NW Quilting Expo last weekend was an amazing display of quilts made by the WestSide Modern Quilt Club based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They spent this year making quilts inspired by photographer Edward Curtis and other Northwest Native American artists. The exhibit entitled “Tribal Winds, A Northwest Native American Exploration”, stood alongside a collection of artifacts and informative panels explaining the rich history of the Native American culture, presented by the Oregon Historical Society.


This quilt by Nancy Geddis, is called Haida Eagle Feather. She had lived in Southeast Alaska for many years where she developed a great respect for the many clans that inhabit the coastal areas of the Northwest. The quilt is her interpretation of original artwork she saw on Pinterest.


Once All This Was Ours is the name Marjorie Elliott gave her beautiful quilt. She was inspired by the adaptability, beauty and dignity of the heron. Marjorie researched art by Northeast Native American tribes and was drawn to works by many contemporary artist.

This quilt is a stunningly beautiful work of art as were many of the other quilts in this exhibit. I can’t wait to see what the WestSide Modern Quilt Club comes up with for next year’s Expo.



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1 Response to NW Quilting Expo Special Exhibit Honors Native American Art

  1. kaholly says:

    These ladies are true artists!

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