Batiks And Beyond

Quilts from Fabulous Fabrics! Discover all-new ways to play with batiks! Create 11 exotic-looking quilts made entirely with batiks, as well as alternate versions made with batiks and traditional quilting fabrics in this much-anticipated sequel to Batik Beauties! 

Batiks And Beyond book by Laurie Shifrin

Batiks And Beyond by Laurie Shifrin


To purchase any of Laurie’s books ($28 each plus $4.85 shipping for up to two books) please email Laurie at She is happy to personally sign it!

2 Responses to Batiks And Beyond

  1. Lynne Wellberg says:

    What are the quilt names in your book “Batiks and Beyond?”

    • Lynne, the projects in Batiks and Beyond are: Spice Market, Pineapple Princess, Terra-Cotta Dreams, Reach for the Stars, Red Sky At Night, Mixed Up But Not Crazy, Circus in My Backyard, Arboretum in Autumn, Twinkle Toes, Murky Pond in the Berkshires (also sold as an individual pattern), and Patchwork Puzzle.

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