Clarifications & Errata

I am very grateful that so many quilters are using my patterns as inspiration for their creations. I do my best to make my instructions as clear and accurate as possible, but I have come to accept that no matter how hard I try, there will always be an occasional typo. Even in my books, that had me and 3 editors reviewing them, things slip by!

On this page I will list any errors or typos that I discover or that are brought to my attention. Locate them in alphabetical order by pattern name. You have my sincere apologies for any inconvenience they may have caused!

Antelope Canyon: Garden Delights variation 

The first few copies of the additional pages needed to cut the Garden Delights strip rolls for Antelope Canyon went out with minor typos.

  • On page 2 of the cutting instructions, after I have you cut the blue, green and purple strips down to 1 1/2″, all of the rectangles you cut from those strips will be 1 1/2″ wide.
  • On a few of the rectangles (I, Q and G), I said they’d be 2 1/2″ wide, which is obviously impossible – my apologies!

Nature’s Jewels: Corrections and Clarifications

Nature's Jewels Block of the Month Pattern

Nature’s Jewels Block of the Month Pattern

  • If you have begun construction of your quilt and arrived at Part 4, please note that on Page 19, Step 3, the crosscuts for the V/W segments are 4 7/8″ as stated in the written instructions and in the caption (not as shown in the illustration).
  • On the same page, Step 4, the Z squares are from Fabric #10 (not Fabric #1 as stated).  I must have been having an off day when reviewing Page 19!!!
  • It was just pointed out to me that I changed the value of the Dark Mustard large triangles in the outer border on Page 43, Part 12.  Hopefully this didn’t prevent anyone from completing the quilt, but here are the 2 corrected illustrations – for Steps 5 and 6 (Step 7 is just a mirror image of Step 6):
    Correct Coloring for Outer Border

    Correct Coloring for Outer Border

    Outer Side Border Color Correction

    Outer Side Border Color Correction

    Plus a few Nature’s Jewels Sewing and Quilting Tips:Here are a few tips that will give extra insight into making Nature’s Jewels 2013 Block of the Month.  The tips are not essential for completing the quilt – they’re just meant to give more information and a more thorough explanation of some of the techniques, for those of you who’d like to understand more about quilting. Check back for additional tips soon to arrive!

    Determining Right/Wrong Side of Batiks and Dyed Fabrics For those of you about to begin your Nature’s Jewels quilt and for those of you just curious – here is my tip about how to know which side of your batik or hand-dyed fabric to use as the face-up side

    Those Dreaded Dog Ears!  No matter how many triangles you have sewn, when faced with determining the correct size of a dog ear, are you still unsure how much of an overhang there should be? Here is my explanation that will clear things up for you.