NEW! Crossed Feathers

My new Crossed Feathers pattern is made with Jason Yenter’s new Marble Essence fabrics from In the Beginning.

My newest pattern, Crossed Feathers, is shipping this month!

It’s been over a year since I designed anything, but I just couldn’t resist Jason Yenter’s new line for In The Beginning: Marble Essence. I even came up with the name for the fabric line while brainstorming with my nephew Jesse, who works in the printmaking/screenprinting industry. 

In the second version, Jason plugged in his Texture-Graphix fabrics for a more modern, masculine look. Directions for both versions are provided in the pattern.

For a different look, make my Crossed Feathers pattern with Texture Graphix fabrics from In The Beginning fabrics.

Crossed Feathers continues the theme of wide and narrow strips that I used in Antelope Canyon and Mirage…. this time in two-sided log cabin blocks.

I did only one size – 95″ square to show off the combination of Marble Essence fabrics, but the pattern can easily be made into a king by adding borders. I’m thinking about doing this in smaller size quilts, and it is easily adapted for any size needed.

I did discover two small typos in the first 100 patterns I’ve shipped out…you have my apology for any trouble this may have caused you! I had so many blues to choose from, that I lost track of which I actually used! However, everything else should be correct.

If you have the pattern, check the top of page 3 of the directions.
– The first fabric you’re cutting at the top of the page should be Fabric 11 – 1DDE 36 (not 35).
– And the 4th fabric on that page should be Fabric 14 – 1DDE 34 (not 36).

You can also refer to the corrected page below if you prefer!



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