Texture-Graphix Meets Antelope Canyon

antelope-canyon-P-SMMany of you know that for my day job, I work at In The Beginning Fabrics as their wholesale customer service person. One of the fun aspects of working there is that we all get to show off our own various quilting projects to a very appreciative audience.

When I finished the top for Antelope Canyon, my co-workers had a great response – and Jason Yenter (president and head fabric designer) was pretty excited about my newest design.

A few months later, Jason was working on a new fabric line called Texture-Graphix, which is a 12-piece group of neutrals in 3 subtle textures.


Another bonus of working there is that occasionally Jason uses my patterns with his fabrics – it shows that my patterns are versatile, and it gives my work greater exposure (thanks Jason). When he told me he was going to mock up Antelope Canyon using the black/grey/cream fabrics, I have to admit that I was skeptical that it would yield an attractive quilt. Silly me for doubting Jason’s vision and skills!

Over that weekend he did in fact make the quilt (via Photoshop) and even draped the quilt on a bed in a gorgeous modern apartment that we’d all like to live in (also via Photoshop).

Wow – what he created using my design and his great fabrics is a modern, masculine, fabulous quilt!!! And the really good news is that our team of sales reps have been showing it to stores in the US and a bunch of other countries and the reception has been amazing – the orders are flowing in. This means that when the fabric is delivered to shops in January, kits for this quilt will be available everywhere! I’ve even heard of a few shops that will be offering it with an additional border to make it larger – I love that idea!


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I am a quilt designer, author, quilting teacher and lecturer.
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4 Responses to Texture-Graphix Meets Antelope Canyon

  1. kaholly says:

    This is truly stunning in this colorway! I want to make it. I NEED to make it! Happy New Year!

  2. Virginia Glen says:

    Where can I purchase the pattern for Antelope Canyon .. Please advise

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