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Paradise Found Quilt Pattern

Laurie Shifrin Designs: Paradise Found Quilt Pattern

Paradise Found Quilt Pattern

Large pieces and very simple construction techniques allow you to show off
your choice of gorgeous fabrics in a stunning quilt.
Easy to follow, illustrated instructions guide you step by step to complete this project.
Choose one of five sizes: Crib: 44½” x 50½”
Lap: 55½” x 63” (shown) • Twin/Double: 66½” x 75½”
Queen: 88½” x 100½” • King: 99½” x 113”

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4 Responses to Paradise Found Quilt Pattern

  1. Maryann West says:

    Which book includes this pattern? I want to make it for a full-sized bed, adding a border to increase the double-size.

    • Hi, Maryann. Paradise Found isn’t in any of my books – it’s an individual pattern. I think adding a border is a fine idea, or you can just go with the Queen size quilt. But I like your idea because it’ll keep the pieces smaller as they are just enlarged to make the larger quilts. To order a pattern from me, just send me an email at laurieshifrin@aol.com. I’ll let you know what comes next when I get your email.

  2. Joan Vance says:

    I just finished this quilt in teal, blue and purple colors. It’s really lovely, and was easy to do. The hardest part was choosing the colors! I did put a fairly large border around the double-size. I had several people ask about the pattern – glad it’s still available. Thanks for the great design!

    • Hey Joan! I’d love to see how the quilt turned out in those great colors. This is a VERY easy project and I’m glad you enjoyed making it. If it’s not too much trouble, could you email me a photo so I can see your fabrics? It gives me so much pleasure to see how my designs inspire other quilters, so if you could share, I’d love it!

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