New Fabric Collection – September Light

It’s rare that I get really excited over a group of fabrics that aren’t batiks, but I’ve been waiting with high expectations for a new collection from In The Beginning Fabrics called September Light

September Light complete fabric Collection

You see, about 5 months before one of their fabric collections comes out in stores, I go over to In The Beginning’s wholesale offices to pick up a set of “boards” so I can proof and edit the directions for their free handout patterns for an upcoming collection.  The boards are paper images of the fabrics glued to embossed artboard which the sales reps use to pre-sell the fabric way before it’s printed.

September Light boards and my sample selection

When I saw the boards for this new collection by Lida Enche, I got very excited.  Lida is a graphic designer, illustrator and painter and her designs look like they are inspired by impressionist painters, with obvious brushstrokes, bold, beautiful, lush colors and organic patterns.  There is a rustic, natural quality to her artwork and maybe the reason they appeal to me is because they are not far from the irregular, organic, exotic qualities of batiks that I love so much.  Another reason for my captivation, is that many of the fabrics are in teals and funky greens – my favorite colors!!!!

September Light collection arrived rolled on tubes

Three days ago marked the next step in getting fabric to quilt shops; the air yardage arrived.  This means that the fabric has been printed and while most of it will be brought to the US in a container on a ship, about 30 yards are sent by air to In The Beginning so they can make the fabric “headers”.  These are samples of actual fabric that the sales force can use to sell the fabrics to shop owners.  Even though the paper boards are pretty exact, there’s nothing like looking at actual fabric to see how wonderful the fabrics are.

So in about 4 weeks, the bulk of the fabric shipment will arrive rolled on tubes (ROT), get doubled and rolled, and then sent to quilt shops.  The double and rolling (D and R) machines fold the fabric in half, and roll it onto bolts in 10 – 15 yard lengths.  It’s fascinating to watch these machines (and not just a little mesmerizing).

The best part of all of this is that I’m making a set of placemats and tablerunner for In The Beginning to use to show the off fabrics, and I was able to take home cuts of about 12 of these new fabrics.  Within 10 minutes of arriving home I was hard at work.  It’s rare that I’m that anxious to sew (I do a LOT of sewing), but I couldn’t wait to see how they all looked together – and I’m not disappointed.  Here’s the set of table toppers I made using my soon-to-be-released pattern called Making Waves. 

Making Waves Placemats and Tablerunner using September Light

I’m In Love!!! I can think of lots of projects to make with these rich fabrics and can’t wait to see what other quilters make with them.  If any of you do create quilts or other projects with the September Light fabrics, I hope you’ll send me email pictures.

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I am a quilt designer, author, quilting teacher and lecturer.
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8 Responses to New Fabric Collection – September Light

  1. Lida Enche says:

    Hi Laurie! I don’t know you, but I feel like giving you a big hug already. I am Lida Enche, the artist behind the September Light collection and I am so honored and happy that you enjoyed sewing with my very first fabric collection. This has been a labor of love and dreams come true, so to read your blog post is an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much. I hope you continue to enjoy the fabric!

    • Wow! A message from my new favorite artist – how exciting! I just got back from In The Beginning showing off my new placemats and tablerunner from your fabrics. Everyone loved them as do I and we all talked about how easy it is to work with your fabrics. The colors are glorious! Jason told me you are working on another line and I can’t wait to see it – and the first line isn’t even in stores yet. Margie said you had stopped in to the offices and had a look at the final fabrics – I hope you’re really pleased with how they turned out – you should be very proud of your first fabric line.

      • Lida Enche says:

        You are too kind. I am pleased with how they turned out – and it’s so interesting as an artist to see the process of turning paintings into repeated fabric. I look forward to seeing the table runner and place mats in person – the pattern you designed really shows off the fabric very nicely. I am personally looking forward to sewing myself a nice new apron and some dresses for Quilt Market in Houston! 🙂 Let’s keep in touch!

      • So you are a sewer (or sewist as some like to say) on top of all of your other talents? Lida, if you do make some clothing items and want to email photos to me, I’d have fun posting them on this blog. I strolled through your blog site and loved looking at the various books you have illustrated. If you ever have a gallery showing, or some other exhibit, please let me know. And I would love to meet you – maybe at a Starbucks in a neighborhood near you? Yes, let’s keep in touch.

  2. Lida Enche says:

    For me to say “I am a sewer” would be an overstatement. That being said, I see sewing as just another extension of being creative and having fun, so I do enjoy the occasional project – even if my way is not necessarily “correct”. That being said, I’ll make sure I email you photos of what I make when it’s done. Please feel free to email me and let’s set up a time to meet over coffee! Lida.

  3. joanne dryden says:

    I saw this collection online…and went nuts! I was obsessesd…found 3 pieces near me then had to order fats from hancocks. Am currently in leavenworth washington and found most of the line at a quilt store. Can’t wait to make something! Absolutely fabulous fabric!!!

    • I feel the same way – I couldn’t wait for the fabric to be printed! And I’m still just as in love with it as ever. I wanted to let you know that I have yardage available of most of them if there are some you couldn’t find. Just send me an email if you’d like me to check my stock on any you still need. And, I don’t know if I should spill the beans on this, but I’ve seen the artwork on Lida Enche’s next fabric line and it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! The colors ar a little softer and the images are really breathtaking. I don’t know when it’ll be in shops (at least 6 months I think) but I hope you look for it in 2012.

      • Lida Enche says:

        Wow! THANK YOU Joanne and Laurie. Getting messages like this is what keeps creative people like me going. Joanne, if you would like to see more of my work, you can go to my website/blog at I wish you both peace and happiness over this holiday season and in the New Year. Thanks again for your kind words! Lida

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