Ripples and Reflections

You are among the first to see my latest pattern which I consider a huge accomplishment. Not so much that I made one more quilt, designed one more pattern, but because of the short time I got it completed.  It’s amazing sometimes what we can accomplish when put to the test.

Ripples and Reflections Block of the Month pattern by Laurie Shifrin

Whew! I finished this quilt for Hoffman Fabrics just in time for 2011 International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.

I’m talking about the new Block of the Month pattern I designed for Hoffman California Fabrics using many of the new batik designs they are introducing at International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this weekend.  I wanted my first Block of the Month pattern, called Ripples and Reflections, to be a little more complex than the usual design that has 12 blocks set in a grid.  I chose to set the blocks on point and put them into larger blocks and put some cool borders to finish things off.

It may sound (and look) complicated, but really, I used just squares, rectangles and triangles sewn with traditional piecing.  I think it’s the gorgeous array of jewel-toned batiks and hand paints I chose that really make this quilt eye-catching.  While normally I lean toward the rich earth-tones, for this quilt I wanted sparkle – still with a watery/organic feeling.  And of course I had to put chartreuse in the quilt!  Funky greens are my favorite!

Ripples and Reflections Block of the Month Quilt by Laurie Shifrin

I designed Ripples and Reflections from swatches of Hoffman's newest batiks, then stitched like crazy when the fabric arrived a week before Market.

So what made this such an accomplishment?  Well, from the time the fabrics I chose arrived a week ago Thursday from Hoffman, I had just 6 days to decide where each fabric would fit in the quilt, cut out and assemble the 90″ x 100″ quilt, all-the-while redesigning to suit the fabrics as I went.  Then, travel the 3 ½” hours from Seattle to Portland (and travel home the same day) to have the quilt top photographed by my expert photographer, Deb Hollister, work with Deb and Anne Moscicki, who does all of my pattern covers, to color correct the photo and pop it into a promotional flier for Market and then overnight-ship the quilt to Market so it could hang in the Hoffman booth. 

Ripples and Reflections quilt was fueled by caffeine and chocolate

Ripples and Reflections quilt was fueled by caffeine and chocolate


Whew – it makes me tired just writing about it!  Oh, and did I mention that I gave 2 lecture/trunk shows and taught a class while co-hosting a 3 day retreat during this 6 days?  And, I had to have an unplanned root canal a few days before the fabric arrived, so my mouth hurt for this whole time?  Needless to say, I haven’t gotten much sleep in the last few weeks and have eaten a LOT of chocolate to keep me going. 

But I am proud of how it turned out so (I guess) it was all worth it.  I hope you enjoy exploring the quilt.

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1 Response to Ripples and Reflections

  1. Jackie says:

    I was supposed to be at market, but had to cancel at the last hour so I missed it hanging in the booth. But you can bet I will be ordering it ASAP for the shop! In the process of getting the information from Hoffman!

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